In a Rare Show of Political Courage, Democratic Governor Becomes a Republican in an Increasingly Red State


Huntington, West Virginia- In a rare showing of political courage, Governor Jim Justice announced plans to switch to the Republican Party in his increasingly conservative state of West Virginia.

The billionaire mining magnate and former Democrat made his announcement alongside The President at a Thursday night rally.

“This was not a decision I’ve taken lightly. I’ve been a Democrat for nearly 24 months. I was a Republican for a bit before, and I think I was an independent for a little while at some point but who the hell knows.” Said Governor Justice, stopping to count on his fingers. “So, I’ve been a Republican, a Republican, a Demagogue…no, wait… an Independecrat, a Pescatarian, and a Republican. Or something like that. I don’t know.”

The Governor ended his speech by assuring the crowd that The Republican Party is by far his favorite of all the parties he has belonged to over the years, and he looks forward to joining the party again in the future.




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