California Congressman Files Impeachment Article Against President Trump, Says: “Trust me. This will definitely work.”

Rep Bob Sherman

Washington- Intending to swiftly end Donald Trump’s presidency, California Representative, Brad Sherman (D-CA), introduced an article of impeachment to the Republican-held House of Representatives, assuring his constituents: “Trust me. This will definitely work.”

“I just can’t believe nobody’s thought of this yet.” Said Sherman, adding that the required paperwork was “easier than signing up for a bank” and “I literally had nothing else to do, so it was no problem.”

While Sherman maintains his actions were purely in the interest of his country, he did insinuate possible interest in a book deal. “I’m not expecting anything,” Said Sherman, “But if it did happen, you could certainly expect a nice, fiery adjective, like “Brazen” to be in the title.”


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